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Breakfasts/ Brunch Starting @$12.00 per person


Continental Breakfast Menu Details

 Fresh Brewed Coffee, Assorted Juices, Bagels, Muffins, Pastries and Fruit Potpourri (A Creative Display of Hand Cut Seasonal Fruits and Berries, Cream Cheese and Jellies )

STATIONS (Setup and Server Only)

Belgian Waffle Station: Fresh homemade Belgian waffles served with your choice of fresh strawberries, blueberries, chocolate, flavored syrups, and whipped cream.


Omelet Station: A light and fluffy omelet prepared right in front of you by one of our skilled chefs. Filling choices include mushrooms, red onions, pepper medley, salsa, bacon, ham, sausage or cheese.



Savory Pork Sausage Patties Savory Sausage Links Smoked Sausage

Hickory Smoked Bacon Slices Turkey Sausage Patties      Turkey Links

Meatless Sausage


Breakfast Burrito

(breakfast burritos is a meal, stuffed with scrambled eggs (egg whites avail), Mexican blend cheese, bacon or sausage, and fajita veggies) 


Croissant, Egg, Sausage or Bacon and Cheese Sandwich.                       

(Flakey buttery croissant stuffed w/sausage egg and cheese)


Bacon or Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuits

(Golden biscuits topped with scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage and cheddar cheese)



Scramble, Fried and Boiled

Egg White and Zucchini Muffins

(This muffin is made with egg whites, zucchini, scallions, red peppers, carrots, and fresh herbs)

Bacon, Sausage, Cheese & Egg Muffins

(A savory muffin filled with bacon, sausage, onions, cheese, and eggs. Yummy!)

Crust-less Quiche

(A warm cheesy ham quiche without the crust)

Assorted Mini Quiche Cheddar and Ham Scramble

(Eggs scrambled light and fluffy, full of cheddar cheese and ham)

French Toast Casserole

(melted butter, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and brioche topped with pecans.)

Breakfast Casserole

(This is a delicious meat and potatoes dish for those who need more than just a cup of yogurt.)



Cheesy Cheddar Grits (Buttery Grits filled with aged cheddar cheese)                       

Loaded Buttery Grits (Buttery melt in your mouth grits, topped w/ cheddar cheese

and crumbled bacon.)

Southern Grits (Just simple buttery grits that warms your soul)


Home-made Pan-Fried Hash Browns

(Home-made Pan-Fried Hash Browns cooked to a charred finish with onions and green peppers)


Breakfast Potatoes

(Oven Roasted Southern Style Diced Potatoes).              




Fried Caramelized Granny Smith Apples

(Pan Fried Granny Smith Apples caramelized with Cinnamon)


Sweet Berry Bruschetta

(Toasted French Bread topped w/ sweet cream cheese, Fresh berries,

almonds sprinkled with Powdered sugar)

Fruit Potpourri

(An arrangement of mixed fresh delectable fruit such as grapes, pineapple, oranges, melon and berries served with a yogurt dip.)


Fruit cups in Waffle Cones

(Fresh seasonal fruit served in crunchy waffle cones for a creative display.               

Strawberries, Blueberries, Apple Cranberry-Almond Granola)


Yogurt Assorted Fruit

(Creamy Low Fat Yogurt with bite-size peaches, strawberries, or blueberries)


Strawberries and Blueberries in Syrup

(Fresh Strawberries and Blueberries in their natural juices makes for a simple yet delicious fruit side dish)

Coconut Tropical Fruit Salad

(Mango, apples, pears, grapes, kiwi, topped with toasted coconut)


Fruit Kabobs

(Fresh fruit kabobs topped with and orange juice glaze)



Brioche French Toast grilled and topped with confection sugar


Baked Cinnamon-Apple French Toast

A delicious French Toast Casserole topped with juicy apples and baked with cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg, then served with honey butter.


Belgian Style Waffles (topped with real maple syrup)


Silver Dollar Hotcakes (Mini Pancakes served with maple syrup)


Pancake Poppers (Fluffy pancakes with sausage in a bite-sized mini muffin form).  


Bagels (Blueberry, Cinna Raisan  or Plain served with cream cheese or jelly)


Assorted Breakfast Bars (An assortment of Strawberry Bars, Oats & Honey Granola Bars, Fruit & Nut Chewy Trail-mix Bars, Sweet & Salty Mix Bars)


Muffins (Blueberry, Banana nut, Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry).                           





Southern Style Breakfast Menu (served with breakfast potatoes and toast) starting @$12 10 person min


Fried Fish(2) and Cheese Grits w/Eggs                     

Shrimp and Grits w/butter Parmesan gravy              

Fried Pork Chops(2) and Scrambled Cheese Eggs   

Chicken and Waffles w/scrambled eggs.                        

Salmon Croquettes(2) with Cheese Grits and Eggs  

Biscuits and Gravy w/scrambled eggs.                       

2 Egg, Cheese Grits, Sausage and Bacon                  


LUNCH (corporate/small office/camps etc.) Box: contains your choice of sandwich, chips, cookies, fresh fruit cup, and a pickle wedge.  Starting @ $12 per person (10 person min.)


Hawaiian Sweet Bread Cuban (Our Spin on the Classic Cuban sandwich consisting of Honey Ham, Roasted Pork, Mayo, Mustard, and Pickles)

Ham and Cheese on Brioche Bun (Blk Forest Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Mayo, Br Sugar Mustard)

Tuna on Wheat (Albacore Tuna, Mayo, Sweet Relish, Red Onion)

Italian Hero on Mini Sub Roll (Salami, Turkey, and Ham, Provolone Cheese, Garlic Aoli, Sliced Tomato, Red Onion thinly sliced, Fresh Basil and sub dressing)

Tomato Basil Mozzarella Sub (Thinly Sliced Roma Tomato, Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil)

Grilled Chicken in a Pita Pocket (Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast with Pesto Mayo, shredded lettuce and thin sliced tomatoes) 

Personal Size Pizzas (Homemade Dough)w/ Chips and a Cookie ($16) 10 person min

 Vegetable – Red onion, mushroom, yellow and green sweet peppers 

 Cheese – Asiago, Mozzarella and Parmesan 

 Pepperoni – Pepperoni and Aged Mozzarella                          

 Sausage – Sausage and Aged Mozzarella 

 Grilled Chicken – Grill Chicken, Sundried Tomatoes, Sliced Red Onions and Asiago Cheese

 (customizing pizzas is available)

Hot Sandwiches (Contains your choice of sandwich, chips, cookie, and a fresh fruit cup) 


1/3 lb. Hamburger on Pretzel Bun – Ground Chuck chargrilled topped w/bib lettuce, sweet onion, vine ripe tomato and brown sugar mustard aioli. 


1/3 lb.  Classic Cheeseburger - Ground Chuck chargrilled and topped w/ cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, ketchup, mustard, and mayo. 


1/3 lb. Turkey Burger – chargrilled and topped w/ Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and cranberry aioli 


Grilled Chicken on Brioche – Marinated Chicken Breast, lettuce, tomato, onion & garlic aioli


Italian Sausage on Sub Roll – Grilled, smothered w/ onions, sweet peppers and marinara 

¼ lb. Hotdog – Grilled then covered with ketchup, mustard, and onion 


Jamaican Style Salmon Burger -Chopped fresh salmon filets with our sweet, smoky Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Blend.  Rolled in panko bread crumbs and sesame seeds for a toasty, crispy coating.  Finished with a light slaw, a grilled pineapple ring, and a spicy aioli



Smoked Meat                  

Pulled Chicken Chicken 1/4 Whole Chicken.                                                                 

Pulled Pork            

Spare Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Pork chops


Whole Turkey 

Sliced Turkey Breast    

Chopped Brisket

Sliced Brisket



Pork Chops            



Chicken Breast


Hot Dogs

Turkey Burgers

Salmon Burger

Backyard BBQ 

(2 Smoked Meats, 3 Sides, Dessert{excluding cheesecake}, Rolls and 5 Gal of Lemonade or Sweet Tea) 

Enjoy our slow and low cooked meats in our custom wood and charcoal-burning cooker/smoker.

Additional Charge For Brisket & Baby Back. Turkeys are seasonal only (Fall/Winter) 

Spare Ribs Full Racks                    BabyBacks Full Racks 

Smoked Whole Turkey                 Smoked Whole Chicken 

Deep-Fried Turkey                        Deep Fried Spare Ribs 

Fish Fry

(Hush Puppies, Fries, Grits, Corn on Cob, and White Bread) 

Basa, Tilapia or Catfish (Seasoned to Perfection then Deep Fried to a Golden Brown) extra charge to add shrimp

Southern Fried Chicken & Fixins 

Deep-Fried to a Golden Brown w/ your choice of 2 Sides, rolls and a Dessert

{excluding cheesecake} 

Southern Fried Pork Chops & Fixins

Bone-in Pork Chops deep fried until golden brown w/ your choice of 2 Sides,

rolls and a Dessert {excluding cheesecake}

Smothered Chicken or Pork Chops 

Deep-Fried to a Golden Brown then simmered in our savory brown onion gravy served w/ Mashed Potatoes and southern style Green Beans.


Baked Beans (Sweet and Delicious with small bits of our slow-smoked pork)

Mac n Cheese (My take on moms recipe so buttery and cheesy you can’t just have one serving)

Corn on Cob (Fresh Sweet Corn cooked in Garlic Butter and Basil 

Green Beans (Sautéed in olive oil, butter, and garlic then finished Kosher Salt and fresh ground pepper)

Southern Style Green Beans (Slow Cooked with our special seasoning blend and smoked meat)

Vegetable Rice (Wild Rice and a blend of carrots, peas and sautéed onions and sweet peppers)

Seasoned Rice (Yellow Rice seasoned with our special seasoning)

Garlic Mash Potatoes (Red skin potatoes cooked in broth, garlic, and butter then seasoned with other spices)

French Fries (Deep Fried to golden and crispy perfection)

Collards or Mustard Greens (Slow Cooked with our special seasoning blend and smoked meat)

Coleslaw (Hand cut Fresh Cabbage, Carrots, and Pineapple tidbits)

Potato Salad (Southern Style)

House Salad (topped with olives, onions, pepperoncini, and tomatoes. Includes salad dressing, croutons, and parmesan cheese.)

ITALIAN FIXINS (starting @$15.00 per guest minium 10 ppl)

Chicken Piccata

Chicken breast cutlets, dredged in flour, browned and served with a sauce of butter, lemon juice, capers, and white wine. Served with Green Beans Sautéed in olive oil, butter and garlic then finished Kosher Salt and fresh ground pepper and seasoned rice.  

Chicken Parmesan

Parmesan-crusted chicken breasts baked with Provolone cheese and marinara sauce served with spaghetti marinara, house salad, and breadsticks.

Chicken Marsala

Grilled Chicken in Marsala Sauce with Sliced Mushrooms served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and breadstick.

Chicken Alfredo

This homemade sauce combines simple, fresh ingredients like butter, cream, and parmesan cheese to make a rich topping to our fettuccine pasta. Then it is topped with tender, sliced grilled chicken. 


Whipped Ricotta cheese layered with pasta sheets, crumbled meatballs, and marinara sauce, topped with Italian 3 kinds of cheese and our savory meat sauce. Served with house salad and breadsticks.

Baked Ziti

Italian Sausage and Seasoned Ground Beef, Sauce, and Ziti topped with a layer of melted Asiago & Parmesan cheeses. Served with corn and garlic roll.

Baked Spaghetti 

Spaghetti filled with our hearty meat sauce and Italian cheese mix then baked to perfection.  

Served with Itailian salad and garlic bread

Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce

Spaghetti topped with homemade meat sauce. Served with Itailian salad and garlic bread

Vegetable Lasagna  

Whipped Ricotta cheese layered with pasta sheets, zucchini, yellow squash, and marinara sauce, topped with 3 Italian kinds of cheese and our savory marinara sauce. Served with house salad and breadsticks.


Party Platters 

Pulled Smoked Chicken Slider (All the flavors of bbq chicken slow smoked to perfection, but on a slider.) 

BBQ Meatball Slider Meatballs (oven broiled with a sweet bbq sauce and crushed red pepper served on a slider roll)

Turkey Breasts & Pesto Slider (Turkey Breasts with our house-made pesto served on Hawaiian Rolls) 

Bacon Cheeseburger slider (Handcrafted with ground chuck, cheddar cheese, applewood bacon and bbq aioli)

12 Mini slider sandwiches in all 4 flavors. 3 of each per tray 



Jerk Chicken Wings.                                                                                             

Caribbean classic

Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings (50 count)

Mouthwatering chicken wings with the addictive flavors of parmesan and garlic. 

Honey BBQ Chicken Wings (50 count)                                                 

Seasoned to the bone then tossed in honey bbq sauce

Honey Garlic Asian Style Wings (50 Count).                                              

Seasoned in Asian spice then tossed in homemade honey garlic sauce 

Plain Breaded or Naked Wings (50 Count)

Seasoned and Deep Fried to perfection 

Fixin’s Hot Wings (50 Count)

Slightly sweet and tangy with just the right amount of heat


Riblet Platter (Serves 10-12 guests)

Dry rubbed and slow smoked bite-sized pork spare rib pieces glazed with

fixins homemade BBQ sauce 


Deviled Egg Platter


Meat and Cheese Platter

An assortment of fresh deli meats and cheese slices with rolls


Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter       

An assortment of Strawberries, Melons, and Grapes 


Sandwich Platters

Hawaiian Sweet Bread Cuban (Our Spin on the Classic Cuban sandwich consisting of Honey Ham, Roasted Pork, Mayo, Mustard and Pickles)

Ham and Cheese on Brioche Bun (Black Forest Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Mayo, Brown Sugar Mustard)

Tuna on Wheat (Albacore Tuna, Mayo, Sweet Relish, Red Onion)

Italian Sub (Salami, Turkey, and Ham, Provolone Cheese, Garlic Aoli, Sliced Tomato, Red Onion thinly sliced, Fresh Basil and sub dressing)

Tomato Basil Mozzarella Sub (Thinly Sliced Roma Tomato, Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil drizzled with sub dressing)


Auntie Cathy’s Pound Cake 

Auntie Cathy’s Lemon Cake 

Auntie Cathy’s Chocolate Cake 


Momma’s Banana Pudding 

Mini Sweet Potato Pie 

Cousin Sylvia’s Heavenly Cheesecakes 

(Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry, etc)


Lemonades: Tropical Mango, Peach or Strawberry (5gal)

Iced Teas: Unsweetened, Sweet or Peach  (5gal)

Arnold Palmer: ½ Tea/ ½ Lemonade (5gal)


Sodas cans or 20oz bottles 

Juice Boxes 


Delivered, Setup or Served on Site, either way, the meal will be done just right!

Don’t worry, if you don’t see something on the menu you would like or if you want to make changes to a package.  We will customize the menu to your specifications.

 All packages include plates and cutlery.  Package advertised do not include any Drinks, Delivery, Setup, serving and or cleanup fees unless specified. Taxes are included. 

Military/Law Enforcement receives 10% off the total bill.

Additional Fees: (4 hours from setup to cleanup additional charge will be added if over 4 hours)



Setup and Serving  

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